Velashape for a Curvier You

Velashape is just one of the modern non-surgical liposuction treatments that continues to grow in popularity. It offers people an alternative to surgery-based weight reduction treatments. Velashape is FDA approved and has been cleared as a body contouring and reshaping treatment.

Velashape is a safe and painless procedure that promotes the reduction of fat cells without the need for surgery. However, treatments may run for as low as four sessions as the procedure is quite limited in the amount of fat it can remove in a single treatment. Velashape helps people achieve a toned, shapelier and well-contoured body.

How doe Velashape work?

Velashape helps you get rid of stubborn fat deposits through the use of specially designed rollers and vacuums. These devices are used to massage and smoothen out cellulite. The rolling and smoothening action produces heat energy that is directed into fat deposits.

Velashape increases metabolism of stored fat energy. It helps people shape their bodies by shrinking fat cells and fat deposits. No surgical intervention is required to remove fat cells because all liquids are expelled from the body naturally through the lymphatic system.

Velashape utilizes the power of strong physical massages to naturally smoothen out cellulite deposits. Heat energy generated penetrates into the skin and burns up the energy stored in fat cells. Through multiple treatments, Velashape can gradually reduce cellulite deposits for a more contoured body.

Patients who have undergone Velashape treatments have expressed that the procedure was painless and similar to a massage. There is a slight discomfort during the massaging and rolling motion but nothing serious.  Patients could also be discharged immediately after treatment and could resume their normal daily activities shortly after.

Advantages of Velashape

Unlike liposuction surgery, Velashape produces a more balanced and better contoured results. Liposuction is an effective procedure for removing large amounts of fat deposits. But this also results to uneven contours. Continuous treatment also helps promote better looking skin. Instead of creating scars seen in surgery, it smoothens the skin and encourages the growth of new skin.

Who can be a candidate for Velashape?

Almost everybody can be a candidate for Velashape treatments. Because it is a non-invasive procedure and does not pose any serious medical risks, people who would like to lose weight can avail of Velashape. The procedure can be used on areas such as the thighs, buttocks, abdomen and love handles.  But for those with severe weight problems or considered obese, weight reduction through diet or exercise is advised before Velashape is considered.

Is Velashape really effective?

More than percent of people who have undergone Velashape treatments have experienced visible improvements in their appearance. But multiple treatments are required before changes can be observed. The number of treatments required depend on the patient’s expectations and current weight.

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