VaserShape Non-surgical Liposuction

Non-surgical liposuctions continue to grow in popularity among weight loss searchers. And one of these treatments that has gotten the attention of weight loss searchers is a non-surgical method called VaserShape. This is a procedure whose primary goal of reducing cellulite presence in the body as well as smoothening contours and body areas that need improvement.

How does this work?

The treatment incorporates a blend of ultrasound and massage that heat the areas you want to get treated. The heat will force the fat cells on your tissues to drain without harming the nerves, blood vessels and other tissues on your body since the technology that VaserShape uses allows the medical professional to target only the specific area of treatment.

After the application of the ultrasound heat, a zonal massage is applied. This massage will help maximize your blood flow in the treatment area and open lymph nodes. This will help eliminate deposited fats further which will leave you with a dimpled skin. However, the dimpled skin will then be softened for a sleeker and toned body area.

How long does the treatment last?

VaserShape treatment usually last for an hour or so. The initial visit might take more time, however, succeeding ones will not be as time-consuming as the first one.

How many treatments should I expect to see the results of VaserShape?

The maker of VaserShape said that you can see and expect result even after the initial treatment, however, to ensure a best result, it would usually take at least 5 visits to the professional depending on the problem and the area you want to get treated.

What are the benefits that I can expect from this treatment?

  • It is perfect for body areas that are not generally responsive to diet and exercise regimens.
  • It is non-invasive, hence, no anesthesia is required for the procedure.
  • It promises a great result as long as the person who undergoes the treatment will stick to balance diet after the procedure.
  • It gives you a more toned appearance without the presence of lumps and uneven spots.
  • The ultrasound energy provides gentle heat that is not considered harmful on small areas contrary to the effect of conventional fat treatment like liposuction.
  • It does not drain fat alone but also other toxins that may be harmful to your body.
  • With its advanced and sophisticated technological features, the device can be used by the patient even with special needs.
  • It wipes out persistent fat in the body.

Are there any side effects that I need to be wary about?

Since this is not an invasive procedure, you can be sure that the treatment will not have side effects brought about by the usual liposuction procedure. VaserShape is generally safe to do and adverse reactions are not reported at all. If there are things that you need to know about is the fact that you may feel temporary redness and warm on the treated area after the procedure, but be assured that it will gradually disappear after some hours.

Is the treatment expensive?

VaserShape therapy cost depends on the number of sessions and the areas to be treated. But the average cost will cost anywhere from a few hundred to a thousand dollars.


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