Non-surgical Liposuction – What Works Best for You

Non-surgical liposuction treatments were created as a gentler alternative to liposuction surgery. This can be a very attractive option for people with stubborn fats that is impossible to remove no matter how hard you exercise or strictly follow your diet.

Non-surgical liposuction was not designed for large volume fat removal. It is a procedure that was created to help people eliminate the last remnants of fat deposits. These are often used as body contouring treatments helping people achieve a shapelier figure.

For people who are planning to lose weight and are having second thoughts of going under the knife, non-surgical liposuction can be what the doctor recommended. This gives you the benefit of eliminating cellulite deposits and help you look your best. And best of all, it is a safer and less risky alternative to surgery.

So if you’re planning to take a trip to your nearest non-surgical liposuction clinic, below is a list of the four most popular treatments. This can give you an idea which liposuction alternative works best for you.


Mesotherapy or Lipodissolve is non-surgical liposuction procedure that uses injections for breaking and dissolving fat cells. This is performed by injecting a mixture of solutions that are designed to dissolve fats. The solution causes fat cells to breakdown which in is then released to the lymphatic system. The fat finally enters the liver where it exits the body as waste.

This liposuction alternative can be used on almost any part of the body. Patients may require multiple treatments depending on the amount of fats to be removed. The number of treatments also depends on the body’s response to the solution.


VelaSmooth helps you lose fats by breaking large triglycerides in your body into fatty acids. By breaking down triglycerides which cannot escape the fat cell membranes and turning it to fatty acids, fat cells shrink. The fatty acids then exits the fat cells and is released to the lymphatic system. After repeated treatments, fat cells shrink giving you a slimmer figure.

Aside from releasing fatty acids, VelaSmooth also improves drainage of fatty acids to the lymphatic system with its massaging action. This ensures optimum removal of fatty acids and improves the overall effectiveness of treatments.


This non-surgical liposuction procedure uses a special device that creates a rolling and massaging motion. This deep-tissue massage technique stimulates the lymphatic system to promote better fat elimination. Aside from helping reduce fat deposits, it also helps improve skin tone and overall skin health.  This is also recommended for people who have just undergone liposuction surgery. Rather than feeling pain and discomfort, patients describe the procedure as soothing, similar to getting a massage.


This non-surgical liposuction treatment gets rid of stubborn fat deposits through the use of ultrasound energy. A device is used to introduce ultrasound waves deep into fat deposits disrupting fat cells and degrading it. The waves destroys the fat cells releasing its content to the body. Liposonix is limited in terms of the amount of fat it can be removed with a single treatment. Multiple visits may be required to achieve desired results. Liposonix is recommended for use on the abdomen and love handles.

The decision on which non-surgical treatment should be used is based on the patient’s preference and their doctor’s recommendation. However, whatever the treatment people should only work with accredited and experienced clinicians to ensure optimum effectiveness and safety.

VelaSmooth Non-surgical Liposuction

Liposuction has become a popular alternative once dietary programs and exercises have proven less effective in removing stubborn fat deposits. But surgical procedures have its own share of side effects and medical risks. VelaSmooth is a non-surgical procedure designed to eliminate cellulite by penetrating deep into the fatty tissue. This without the need for invasive surgical procedures.

How does VelaSmooth work?

VelaSmooth uses electrical-optical energy that merges infrared light, bipolar radiofrequency energy technology, tissue mobilization, and suction to remove cellulite and reshape problem areas of the body. The instrument heats the fat layer under the skin improving the metabolism of stored energy and reduces the size of fat deposits.

Technical specs

The electrical optical synergy system is the VelaSmooth’s effectiveness and guarantees a high level of safeness. By combining bipolar radio frequency and optical energy, this device incorporates standard laser technology or intense light pulses. This device can precisely target trouble areas to deliver heat energy. The operator can adjust the level of light energy according to the skin type of the patient.

Areas to be treated

VelaSmooth can accurately target the smallest and most problematic parts of the face and the body. Apart from treating the abdomen, buttock, hip, waistline, and arms, VelaSmooth can also take care of sensitive areas like the neck.

Results of VelaSmooth

VelaSmooth can be used to effectively contour and eliminate fats through cellulite treatment, tightens the skin, reduce muscle aches, and improve blood circulation. The procedure is painless, uncomplicated, and doesn’t require rest after the session.

Upon the first treating session, a detectable smoothing effect is observed by the patient but the major differences cam be observed after four treatments. The usual VelaSmooth session last from 30 to 45 minutes and the best way to achieve the ideal outcome is to undergo a session twice a week. For a longer term outcome, a total of 8 to 10 sessions is required. There is also a monthly maintenance that is recommended to capitalize the effects.

Ideal candidates for VelaSmooth

If you are 18 years old and older, not pregnant, healthy, and free from skin diseases, you can safely proceed through this slimming procedure. Persons who have diabetes, thromboembolic or anticoagulative conditions, photosensitising drugs, or uses electronic devices, are not allowed to receive VelaSmooth treatment. Before undergoing the procedure, it is safer to undergo a thorough medical check-up.

Side effects

The number of people who undergone the VelaSmooth treatment reports no major side effects and no long-term health hazards. The light and electric energy are proven to be harmless in cosmetic operations. Unfortunately, some people may encounter swelling, reddening, or mild bruising in the treated area which will soon disappear after few days. The body part that receives the treatment may produce a warm feeling that is considered far from being unpleasant. After the treatment, patients will also notice a slight increase in their urine which can be attributed to the absorption and excretion of broken cells.


VelaSmooth is considered as a high-tech method of eliminating body fats and cellulite, and sculpting the body figure at the same time. Because of this reasons, it is not a surprise that the cost is relatively high. A total of 8 sessions will cost you $ 1500 to 2500 depending on the size of the treated area.