Vanquish Slimming Treatment

Vanquish is a painless fat-melting treatment that promises a “touch-free” destruction of excess fat through electromagnetic energy. It reduces fat cells by melting fat deposits in common problem areas without touching the patient’s body. Vanquish uses a slimming device that utilizes radio frequency waves to reduce fat cells without harming surrounding tissues.

This non-invasive liposuction treatment can help eliminate diet and exercise-resistant fat deposits without surgery. It is especially effective on the midsection and other fat problem areas of the body. The treatment has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration for deep tissue healing. Vanquish targets large fat deposits in a single session like liposuction without downtime or long recovery periods.

How Does It Work?

Vanquish utilizes radio frequency technology to help reduce the circumference of the abdominal area, inner and outer thighs. This procedure destroys fat cells through selective heating of adipose tissue which ultimately leads to fat cell elimination and shrinkage.

During treatment, Vanquish uses focused-field radio signals to destroy fat cells in the front abdominal, lower back, and love handles areas. The device delivers deep heat to unwanted fat cells the application of heat. Fat cells die and are eliminated from the body through natural processes. It is recommended that patients consume more water to help expedite the elimination of dead fat cells from the body.


A radio frequency emitting device is positioned slightly above the target area. This energy is then delivered across the region and absorbed by the body’s fat layer but does not affect the surrounding tissues. Once the energy is absorbed, the fat cells are heated to the point where it breaks down and eventually destroyed. Fat cells are subsequently eliminated though the body’s natural processes.

The treatment usually takes about 45 minutes to complete. A total of 4 to 6 sessions is recommended to achieve ideal results. A warming sensation may be experienced in the target area during treatment but most patients claim no discomfort at all. Recommended time between treatments is about one week. After each session, some mild redness may be present though these are only temporary and does not affect the patient’s ability to return to their daily routines.


  • Less expensive than other non-invasive procedures
  • Cover larger areas than other liposuction alternatives
  • Vanquish fat removal is no-touch and non-invasive unlike other fat reduction techniques
  • Only takes 30 minutes and has no restrictions or limitations after the procedure

 Side Effects

Though patients can resume with their daily regime after the procedure, they may experience mild redness and tenderness over the treated area. These effects should only last for an hour after the treatment. Redness may continue for days after treatment but usually goes away naturally.

Vanquish Compared to Traditional Liposuction

Liposuction is an invasive procedure that requires anesthesia. It uses cannulas to mechanically remove fat deposits. Patients should expect some swelling and mild bruising for about 4 weeks after liposuction. Vanquish on the other hand, also reduces subcutaneous fat but in a completely non-invasive method. The procedure uses an external device which is placed over the body area without touching the skin.

The goals of Vanquish fat removal treatment differs from liposuction. This is ideal for patients trying to lose a few inches from their waist line or other areas.  The risks are limited and there is no limit to how many times a patient could be treated.

Vanquish Non-surgical Liposuction

Say goodbye to those unwanted fats without the need for invasive procedure such as liposuction. One of the alternatives to liposuction is the use of radio frequency waves to dissolve and get rid of excess fat cells. In line with this technique, there is no better option than Vanquish.

A non-invasive device for contouring, Vanquish is a more natural way of fat removal without the hassles of inconvenience and side effects which comes in invasive procedures such as liposuction.

How does this work?

Vanquish has sensors that can check the treatment area and know beforehand how much of the fat you need to get rid of. Also, doctors or medical professionals who will perform the treatment can easily adjust the energy amount to be delivered into your fat cells. This adjustable energy feature is an advantage considering that there will be less danger for overexposure of heat on your system while the treatment is ongoing.

Heat will be applied into your underlying fat which will eradicate surplus fat cells and in turn lead to the removal of your regional fat. We can guarantee that the treatment is painless, thus, there is no need for any anesthesia at all.

Will it consume a lot of my time?

No. You will need a total of four treatments with a weekly interval. Each of these treatments will require 30-45 minutes of your time. You can adjust your intervals. However, a weekly interval is highly recommended for optimal results.

Are the results permanent or temporary?

Vanquish is a good choice for fat removal since the results can be permanent. The device had been designed to get rid of fat cells themselves and this result to the stoppage of the fat-accumulation process in your body.

What are the benefits that I can get from Vanquish procedure?

There are many benefits that this contouring device can offer and that are:

  • Damage to muscles and skin layers can be avoided since a precise thermal activity is applied on the deep tissues of the treatment area.
  • Fat cells are removed naturally and harmlessly
  • Fats that is unresponsive to diet and exercise can be removed
  • Sessions does not require most of your time
  • Lower cost when compared to invasive procedures such as liposuction
  • Less or no downtime
  • Normal activities can be resumed as soon as possible

Are there any side effects that I need to look forward to after the procedure?

Despite no serious adverse reactions and complications can occur after the procedure, the treatment still has some side effects such as:

  • Swelling
  • Redness
  • Skin sensation will be altered
  • Warm sensation is felt
  • Tenderness

How much is the cost of this procedure?

Just like in any other procedure, cost differs on the area to be treated. However, for love handles and abdomen areas which require four treatments, the cost for the whole therapy series will only be $2,400.