Hot or Cold, Non-surgical Liposuction Alternatives

Cosmetic surgical procedures has seen a steady rise in popularity with more and more people desiring a slimmer and more athletic figure. People often think that cosmetic surgery is something done to improve a person’s facial features. But this also includes treatments that reduce stubborn fat deposits such as liposuction.

Non-invasive liposuction or liposuction alternatives is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures being practiced today. These treatments promise to remove stubborn fat deposits without the need for surgery. These are simpler to perform and are generally safer compared to liposuction.

A slimmer and physically figure has become a standard for beauty. With magazines and TV screens awash with slim celebrities, people has become obsessed with a tone body. Hence, the growing popularity of liposuction and non-surgical liposuction.

Eating a healthy diet and living an active lifestyle remains to be the best way of losing weight and maintaining a fit body. But this could be frustrating especially for those who find themselves without time to exercise let along prepare time to cook.

Liposuction is simply the fastest way to remove big volumes of fat. But this comes at a price and with its own share of health risks. This include swelling, bruising, infection, hemorrhage and long recovery periods. This could take weeks and even months before bruises and swelling totally disappear.

Non-invasive liposuction Procedures

There’s no shortage of non-surgical liposuction treatments being constantly developed. But most of these revolve around the principle of using heat or cold temperatures to destroy fat cells. Compared to liposuction surgery, these do not require invasive medical procedures.

Non-surgical liposuction can be done in under an hour and patients could be dismissed with a clean bill of health shortly after. This is why liposuction alternatives have also been called lunchtime liposuction.

Melting Fats

At first you might think this treatment uses the direct application of heat over fat cells. This is somewhat true, but the heat generated to kill fat cells come from the application of radio frequencies. An instrument that produces ultra-high radio frequencies are placed directly over the target area. The vibrations in turn causes heat to be generated destroying stubborn fat cells.

Using ultrasound or radio frequency based liposuction alternatives is not only effective in reducing weight. This treatment can also improve skin condition. It can rejuvenate skin cells by encouraging the production of collagen. Ultrasound can actually improve your skin’s appearance unlike liposuction which can cause scarring because of the incision.

Cooling Fats

Probably one of the most popular non-liposuction weight loss treatments, cryolipolysis uses cold temperature to promote weight loss. Extreme cold temperatures are applied over the area to freeze and kill fat cells. This is a totally non-invasive procedure that does not require the use of any instruments to remove fat cells.

Fat cells are eliminated naturally from the body. It is passed out of the body as waste. The downsides of this procedure is that it can’t be used on sensitive areas of the body. This is because exposure to extreme cold can damage sensitive skin and nerve cells.  Cryolipolysis can be performed in under an hour and does not require extensive recovery periods.

Whatever you cup of tea, it is important that you consult a doctor before proceeding with any medical treatment. This is to ensure that you are receiving the best and safest treatment. Consulting your personal doctor can also help you get in contact with reputable cosmetic surgeons in your area. It is important that the success or effectiveness of any cosmetic surgery depends on the hands of the cosmetic surgeon selected.

A Shapelier figure with Ultrashape

Ultrashapeis a non-invasive technique which uses ultrasound technology to eliminate fat cells and deliver noticeable decrease in fat deposits. It is currently being used as a body contouring procedure and as an alternative to liposuction surgery.

How does Ultrashape work?

Ultrashape works by releasing mild ultrasound energy that is targeted towards fatty tissues breaking it down and eventually turning it into liquid. The equipment has a real-time tracking system that makes it possible to accurately apply a varying amounts of pressure to the treatment area.

With this method, fat is not only eliminated but also prevents damage to surrounding skin and tissues. This procedure doesn’t need anesthesia.

However it is limited to a small area for every treatment. Patients are required to have multiple visits to the clinic in order to achieve the desired result. Each session will last from 30 minutes to one hour.


This procedure can safely target fat and remove it without harming surrounding tissues. It is also non-surgical, hence, it does not require the use of anesthesia and assures that there are no after-operational marks. After the operation, there is no irregularities in body contouring and the recovery period is very quick. The patient can return to his/her daily activities right after the procedure.

Areas to be treated

Using present day equipment and ultrasound technology, Ultrashape can precisely target fat problem areas which includes:

  • Male breasts
  • Arms
  • Knees
  • Flanks
  • Buttocks
  • Jowls
  • Thighs
  • Stomach and
  • Hips

Side effects

During the operation, the patient may feel some pain or discomfort. Side effects such as bruising and irritation are also reported but eventually disappear in a few days. The entire procedure affects only a small portion of the body and it means that the recovery time is very short and there is no need for the patient to take days of rest. The patient is also allowed to perform his/her activities immediately after the operation.


As a mini treatment, Ultrashape is considered to be affordable. It is relatively cheap compared to liposuction surgery.


Med Contour – Latest in Non-surgical Weight Loss

Med Contour is a non-invasive liposuction procedure that lowers fat levels while softening the skin. This procedure is designed to help people having difficulty getting rid of stubborn fat deposits even after diets and exercise. The procedure does not require anesthesia. It uses the combination of vacuum massage and ultrasound therapy to eliminate fat deposits and contour the body.

How does Med Contour work?

During the procedure, ultrasound energy is directed towards fat cells on the target area. This action forces the fat cells and the adipocytes to burst inside without hurting the blood vessels, nerves, or connective tissues. Fatty lipids and triglycerides are then removed from the body in the form of fluid.

To improve fat elimination in the area, Med Contour has a special hand piece that massages the lymphatic drainage to force the fluid out of the treated areas. A smooth and well-shaped skin without any trace of cellulite deposits can be seen after the procedure.


The entire method will last one to two hours. After the procedure, the patient can immediately return to his/her daily activity. Normally, 4-6 succeeding treatments is performed to optimize the benefits of Med Contour.


  • A painless procedure like that of a soothing massage
  • Noticeable elimination of fat
  • Successful cellulite treatment
  • Smoother and more toned skin
  • Fast and obvious results
  • Discarding of toxins, fats, and fluids is triggered with metabolic process
  • Better circulation of blood
  • Customized treatment according to the needs of the patient
  • The hand piece is licensed and approved by FDA to prevent the surrounding tissues from damage.

Side effects

Med Contour is considered to be one of the safest cosmetic alternatives to liposuction. It minimizes or eliminates any serious and untimely side effects. This is because of the low frequency applied on the treated skin that enables the energy to pierce through the skin without putting the surrounding tissues in danger.

Treatment areas

Med Contour uses proprietary technology and a variation of preset programs which enables the treatment to be administered accurately on certain body parts. This procedure is very suitable for every area of the body that includes hips, waistline, and thighs. However, it cannot include the face and neck.


According to research, an individual Med Contour session is revealed to charge an approximate of $500 each which is not expensive compared to liposuction surgery. There are also additional packages and offers available that can help lessen the cost of treatment.

Med Contour Reviews

According to most clients, a series of Med Contour treatment provides fast and obvious results when it comes to skin smoothness and elasticity. There are also some patients who reported a relaxing and pleasant sensation during the procedure. Patients reported having lost a total of 1-3 centimeters in the abdominal area after a series of 2-4 treatment sessions.

Popular Liposuction Alternatives

Who wouldn’t want a swimsuit perfect body? With slimmer figures becoming synonymous being attractive, many people have become more conscious about their weight and how to keep those extra pounds at bay. But having a slimmer figure does not only translate to physical attractiveness. It can also go a long way in preventing cardio vascular diseases and other weight related illnesses.

So if you’re on the lookout for weight loss procedures but still having second thoughts on liposuction, below are liposuction alternatives that are guarantee to help you in your weight loss journey.

Laser Liposuction

This is a popular liposuction alternative that is used for stubborn fat deposits which exercise and a healthy diet failed to reduce. The procedure utilizes cold laser technology that penetrates deep down into the fatty tissues. This in turn breaks down fat cells or destroys them in the process. Laser liposuction is relatively safe and does not produce dangerous side effects. It can be done in under an hour and patients could be sent home immediately after. However, it generally requires multiple treatments to achieve desired results.

Cool Sculpting

Cool Sculpting “freezes” fat cells just above freezing point. This in turn destroy target fat cells. The byproducts are eliminated naturally from the body and does not require any external force for extraction. Cool sculpting is quite effective in removing fat cells but for maximum results at least 2 sessions are required. The procedure is relatively painless and can be done in under an hour.

Ultrasound liposuction

Another liposuction alternative that uses a gentler and non-invasive procedure for fat removal. Ultrasound liposuction uses radio frequencies for destroying fat cells. These waves break fat cell walls reducing them in waste products are naturally passed out from the body. Unlike liposuction which requires fat cells to be removed physically, fat cells and its contents are passed to the liver and metabolized by the body.


This is a liposuction alternative that uses massaging actions not only to remove fat but also has a skin firming benefit. It promotes the body’s natural fat eliminating process due to physical stimulation in the area and also improves blow flow. However, this requires multiple treatments because of its limited fat cell eliminating capability. Advantages of Endermologie as a liposuction include a more natural weight loss solution and skin tightening.


This alternative liposuction procedure requires the use of fat destroying solutions. It is introduced into the target area by injection and immediately dissolves fat cells. Just like most liposuction alternatives, its ability to remove fat cells is limited.

These are just some of the popular liposuction alternatives available today. Choosing between these treatments depends on the amount of fats to be removed and personal preference. However different the techniques used in these liposuction alternatives, it still remains a gentler and safer alternative to traditional liposuction.

One downside to using liposuction alternatives is the lack of visible or dramatic fat loss seen in a single liposuction procedure. This is why multiple treatments are required to produce desired results. Talk to your surgeon about the different liposuction alternatives and how this could help you in your weight loss journey.