Velashape Benefits and Treatment

Developments in medical science has certainly made changes in how we treat illnesses or in this matter how we get rid of fats. These new treatments provide an alternative to liposuction surgery giving people a gentler and safer alternative to surgery. Non-surgical liposuction procedures are less risky and produce no life-threatening complications. These could be done in various parts of the body including the neck, face, legs, arms, abdomen and almost any part of the body.

Non-surgical liposuction treatments do not produce the same amount of results seen with liposuction surgery. The volume of fats that can be removed with a single non-surgical liposuction treatment pales in comparison with what liposuction surgery can remove. In fact, liposuction alternatives are more effective as body-contouring treatments. These are often used to eliminate the last remnants of stubborn fats that eating a healthy diet and exercise failed to remove.

Liposuction alternatives does away with incisions and invasive surgical procedures. It does not involve physically breaking down fat cells and suctioning them off directly from the body. Non-surgical liposuction use a variety of techniques that breakdown fat cells without damaging skin or surrounding tissues.

Quick Benefits of Non-surgical Liposuction

  • Faster Healing Times – most of these non-surgical liposuction treatments are also termed as “lunchtime liposuction.” People could go for treatment and return to work the day after or after a few hours. Because it does not use surgical incisions which could take weeks to fully heal, people can go back to their normal daily routine almost immediately.
  • Less medical complications – going under the knife even for aesthetic purposes is no small feat. Liposuction is a surgical procedure and comes with all the medical complications and risks associated with the procedure. Bleeding, nerve damage, scarring and bruising to name a few.
  • Cheaper treatments – surgical procedures require a medical team that includes the surgeon. Liposuction surgery also requires special medical equipment and medications. Non-surgical liposuction treatments on the other hand can be performed in smaller clinics and does not require a complete medical staff.
  • Quicker Treatments – non-surgical liposuction procedures are usually performed in under an hour. This is pretty quick compared to liposuction surgery. It also requires less preparation time.

To achieve desired results, multiple treatments may be advised. The number of treatments may depend on the amount of fat to be removed or the patient’s preferences. Succeeding treatments are usually spaced two weeks or a month after. This is repeated until desired results are achieved.

Non-Surgical Treatments

Velashape – is a liposuction alternative that uses a combination of radio frequencies, massages and infrared light. This is used to stimulate the destruction of fat cells. Velashape is a body contouring treatment. It is performed to remove small volumes of fat deposits.

Velashape treatments is recommended for people with a BMI (Body Mass Index) of less than 30. It is not designed to remove large volumes of fat such as those seen liposuction surgery. Velashape is used for body contouring and reducing fat deposits that are hard to remove even with diets and exercise. For optimum results, multiple treatments is advised.

Possible treatment areas include hard to reach areas such as the neck, face, chins. These are sensitive areas and are considered risky for liposuction surgery. Velashape helps in body contouring and making people look younger.

How Does Non-surgical Liposuction Work?

Non-surgical liposuction refers to a series of treatments that does not involve incisions or invasive procedures. Rather than going in the areas of fat concentration and removing these physically, non-surgical liposuction use techniques that destroy fat cells without even having direct contact with these.

Why Non-surgical Liposuction

Non-surgical liposuction may not have the same dramatic results as liposuction surgery. It may take weeks or even months before any visible changes are seen. Multiple treatments are also required depending on the amount of fats a patient is willing to remove.

If there is one advantage that non-surgical liposuction has over liposuction it is the relative safeness it brings. It does away with the large use of anesthesia and the dangerous complications seen in liposuction surgery.

Recovery periods are faster. With liposuction and surgery in general, patients are required to stay for a few days in the hospital for proper recovery. This is to ensure that there are no complications after surgery. Patients are also advised to refrain from any strenuous movements. This translates to additional days after from your work or office.

Another big advantage of non-invasive liposuction over its counterparts is that it can be used on almost any part of the body. The face, neck and other highly sensitive areas can be targeted without serious complications.

Laser Energy

Laser energy based non-surgical liposuction can be used on the abdomen, thighs and other major fat concentrations. The procedure is done by placing pads equipped with laser diodes directly over the skin or target area. Laser energy is then passed through the skin deep into the fatty layers. This energy penetrates into the fat cell’s membrane disrupting the cell walls integrity.

With the destruction of the fat cell’s membrane, all of the cells contents are released causing the cell to shrink. These contents are then released into the body and eliminated naturally.

Radio Frequency

Radio Frequency procedures for non-surgical liposuction is based on the heat generated by vibrations. This radio frequencies are targeted deep into the fat layers causing the various molecules and cells to interact with each structure. The friction generates heat which in turn destroys the fat cells.

Aside from removing stubborn fat deposits, radio frequency also promotes skin health. It stimulates the production of collagen. This results to tighter skin and the production of new skin. Overall, it does not only help you lose weight but also rejuvenates the skin.


Cryolipolysis or “fat freezing” is a fat removal or body contouring procedure that uses “cryo” technology to destroy fat cells. It exposes the fat tissues to temperatures below zero degrees to destroy or disrupt the cells integrity. The fat cells and its contents are eliminated naturally from the body.

These are just some of the modern non-surgical liposuction procedures being employed today. A number of treatments are also available which provide a gentler alternative to liposuction surgery. However, this still require the use of injections or small incisions. Whatever, the choice it is important that you consult your doctor. This is to develop a weight loss strategy that it is not only effective but also safe.

RF Liposuction Alternative to Liposuction

Convenience and non-invasive, these are perhaps the best selling points of RF liposuction. For people searching for a quicker way of losing stubborn fat without the complications seen in standard liposuction, RF liposuction seems to be a good liposuction alternative. So what exactly is RF liposuction and how does it get rid of stubborn fat deposits.

RF Liposuction – How does it work?

RF liposuction treatments are designed to destroy fat cells using radio frequencies. High frequency vibrations disrupt fat cell membranes eventually destroying the cell’s integrity. A topical anesthetic is applied directly over the target area. This is left for a few minutes before treatment proper begins. Its purpose is to desensitize the treatment area and avoid any discomforts.

There are many variations on how RF is practiced. Some treatments utilize fat dissolving solutions that are introduced as injections to enhance fat destruction. After letting the fat-dissolving solution settle in, the Radio frequency equipped device is placed directly over the area. The sensation is often described as placing a “hot stone” over your skin.

Aside from containing fat-dissolving properties, the solution also has a cooling effect to counter the heat generated from treatment. This is also the reason why treatment times are kept within a few minutes to avoid over exposure to heat or avoid burns.

When RF Liposuction is not advised

RF liposuction is a gentler and safer alternative to traditional liposuction but its use is still subject to the person’s state of health. Below are some conditions where RF liposuction is not advised.

Pregnant or breastfeeding


Cancer, any stage


High blood pressure or those with heart conditions

Pacemakers or those with implants (prostheses and metallic implants)

Varicose veins, deep vein thrombosis

Blood disorders

Areas and Benefits of RF Liposuction

Laugh lines

Sagging jaw lines

Double chin

Neck tightening

Tighten facial muscles

Stimulate collagen production to restore youthful skin

Firmer abdominal muscles

Gets rid of stubborn/ hard to remove fat in thigh and arm areas

RF versus Liposuction

Results – liposuction definitely comes on top in terms of the amount of fats it could remove. It still remains the fastest and most effective method of fat removal. The amount of fat removed in a single treatment far outweighs those removed during RF even if it is done multiple times. RF is recommended for those who are having difficulty removing stubborn fat deposits.

Invasive – RF is less invasive compare to liposuction. Whereas liposuction requires major surgery and the use of general anesthesia in some cases, RF could be done without using invasive medical equipment. Liposuction requires major incisions into the body to physically remove or vacuum fat deposits. RF on the other hand uses targeted radio frequencies to disrupt fat cells.

Recovery period- Liposuction being an invasive procedure requires considerable time for recovery. Since this treatment requires cutting tissues, it takes a few weeks before wounds properly heal. RF requires less time for recovery and would only take a few hours or a day for recovery. This means people are able to go back to their normal daily activities much sooner.

Complications and side effects – Liposuction is a surgical procedure and comes with all the complications associated with this type of treatments. RF is a gentler and safer procedure with minor complications and side effects.

RF treatment is just one of the liposuction alternatives that are quickly becoming popular fast loss methods. It might not produce the same dramatic results seen in liposuction but it still offers an effective method of fat reduction. This is why multiple treatments are advised to achieve desired results.