Liposuction Surgery – Why Not

Many people consider a slim body both attractive and healthy. And this is the reason why losing weight has become a priority for many. A slimmer and healthy body can certainly improve a person’s appearance and can be a big confidence booster.

It is no wonder why weight loss treatments have become so popular today. From diet pills to liposuction surgery, weight loss solutions have become a multi-billion industry. And when it comes to weight loss treatments, nothing comes close to liposuction surgery as the fastest way to lose fats. But before you even consider going under the knife, below are a few points you should consider.

Liposuction is not a Permanent Weight Loss Solution

Let’s not get this wrong. Fat removed during liposuction surgery does not grow back. These are permanently removed but it doesn’t stop remaining fat cells from becoming bigger and letting you gain all those pounds again.

The most successful weight loss treatments are those that do not only help people lose weight but also improves their attitude towards maintaining their slimmer body. This is why eating a healthy diet and living an active lifestyle remains to be the best way of losing fat. It may take months or even years before you achieve that swimsuit-perfect body but it keeps these changes longer.

The most important thing to consider when selecting a weight loss method is the positive effects on your attitude. Sticking to a healthy diet and living an active lifestyle builds a positive attitude towards health hence brings more permanent changes to your body.

Liposuction Surgery is Expensive

Liposuction is definitely one of the first thing that comes into mind when it comes to weight loss treatments. But one of the major factors that stop them from undergoing treatment is the cost of surgery. With treatments running into the thousands of dollars for a single session, this is something that is beyond the budget of many.

However, the cost of liposuction surgery goes beyond hospital bills, it also takes you away from work. Liposuction requires extensive recovery times and can take weeks before patients are able to resume their normal daily activities. This translates to loss income and adds to the costs of liposuction.

Liposuction Surgery Fees

  • Anesthesia fees
  • Professional fees (cosmetic surgeon, medical team)
  • Hospital, clinic fees (use of surgery room, medical equipment)
  • Medications
  • Post-surgery medications
  • Hospital stay (recovery room, confinement)

Possible Medical Complications

Liposuction is a surgical procedure hence comes with all the risks associated with this type of medical procedure. While liposuction has been practiced for decades and great lengths has been done to keep it safe, the risks of complications remains real.

Embolism – dislodged fats may enter the bloodstream and enter the lungs or travel to the brain. This causes the sudden stoppage of blood flowing to these organs. Pulmonary embolism can cause shortness of breath or difficulty breathing. When left untreated it can cause permanent damage or death.

Nerve Damage – a surgical incision requires cutting through the skin and tissues below it. But this does not only cut blood vessels but also hit nerves around the area. Nerve compression can lead to increased pain or loss of sensation.  Pain after surgery is normal and is can be alleviated with pain medications.

Bleeding – bleeding during liposuction is normal but is easily managed with medications and bandages. But if bleeding is noticed days after surgery then this can be a cause of alarm. This may mean wounds that haven’t properly sutured or closed. Skin discoloration around the area of liposuction can also be an indication of internal bleeding so be sure to consult the doctor if these signs are noticed.

Liposuction and Non-surgical Liposuction

Non-surgical liposuction promises to help people get rid of unwanted fat deposits quickly and painlessly. This is certainly an attractive option for people who would like to get rid of fats without the medical complications seen in traditional liposuction. However, we must remember that the amount of fat removed with a single non-surgical liposuction procedure still pales behind liposuction surgery.

Liposuction alternatives have proven to be effective in body contouring rather than removing large volumes of fat. This is why it is highly recommended for people who are having difficulty in shaping or eliminating stubborn fat pockets.

Fat dissolving injections

Mesotherapy and lipodissolve are two procedures that utilize fat dissolving injections to help get rid of stubborn fat deposits. Fat-fighting solutions are injected into the problem area to destroy fat cells. However, multiple treatments may be required depending on the amount of fat to be removed. This is why patients have to undergo several treatments to achieve desired results.

The danger of using this type of liposuction alternative is when non-FDA approved chemicals are used. This could pose a serious threat since the body could develop serious allergic reactions to the chemicals. If this is not addressed quickly, the patient could suffer from coma and is a serious life-threatening emergency.

It might take weeks or even months before visible results are observed. Multiple treatments could add up making fat dissolving injection treatments very expensive. Some patients may also experience pain due to the chemicals reaction in the body.

Laser Liposuction

Laser liposuction procedures is another popular liposuction alternative. But this is a misconception since laser liposuction is often used in conjunction with liposuction surgery. The way lasers work is that it melts the fat cells before liposuction surgery is performed. Using lasers facilitates easier removal of unwanted body fats.

The success and effectiveness of using laser during fat removal ultimately depends on the skill of the surgeon. When used effectively, laser liposuction can help tighten the skin and result to quicker recovery times. Possible complications of using lasers include damage to nerves, muscles, scarring and blood vessels.

Body Contouring Procedures

This refers to a group of treatments that help people achieve more contoured bodies. This includes treatments using cold, heat and ultrasound devices. These treatments are treatments are truly non-invasive using devices which are placed directly above fat problem areas.

Fat cells react depending on the treatment modality used. Heat, cold and ultrasound interacts with the fat cells disrupting the cell walls and killing it in the process. Fat cells are eliminated naturally from the body and does not require outside intervention such as suctioning.

Just like other types of non-surgical liposuction treatments these are limited to the amounts of fat removed in a single procedure. It again could take multiple treatments over several weeks and months before desired results are achieved. However, these types of treatments have been proven to be especially successful in helping people achieve more contoured bodies. Combined with exercise and a healthy diet, treatments can help people achieve shapelier bodies.

Final Thoughts

Be sure to consult your trusted doctor before undergoing liposuction or non-surgical liposuction. This is to determine which type of treatment works best for your condition and if you are physically ready to undergo treatment. They could also be the best source of information on qualified surgeons in your area.

The success of fat-loss procedures are in the hands of the surgeon. It is why working with a highly competent surgeon is essential in helping you achieve the maximum benefits of treatment.

Does Non-surgical Liposuction Treatments Really Work?

Advancements in medical science has brought many positive changes in modern day treatments. It has enabled medical professionals to administer medical treatments safer and more effectively. And some of these has been introduced into medical procedures that help people lose weight.

Liposuction surgery for example is a medical procedure that has long been used to remove stubborn fat deposits. It was considered a big leap forward when it was first introduced. However, new weight loss treatments has since been developed. These weight loss treatments offer an alternative to traditional liposuction.

Non-surgical liposuction treatments are being marketed as a gentler and safer alternative to liposuction. It helps people lose weight without the need for invasive surgical procedures. But are non-surgical liposuction treatments really effective or even work?

There are quite a number of non-surgical liposuction techniques being used today. These don’t require the use of surgery hence, it reduces the risks and complications associated with it.

Side effects of Anesthesia

The use of anesthesia is required during surgery. It is used to desensitize the area. However, it has its own share of side effects which are:

  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Blurred vision
  • Short-term memory loss

What are the different Non-surgical Liposuction Treatments?

Common non-surgical liposuction techniques involve the use of temperature based procedures. Cold or heat is directed towards fat deposits destroying it in the process. It can also use radio frequencies to disrupt the fat cell’s integrity.

  1. Cryolipolysis – uses cold technology to “freeze” fat deposits
  2. Laser lipolysis – light waves that penetrate deep into fat deposits
  3. RF lipolysis – radio frequencies that disrupt fat cell membranes

What are the advantages of non-surgical liposuction?

Non-surgical liposuction offers an attractive alternative to people having second thoughts with liposuction surgery. The main advantage of non-surgical liposuction over its counterpart is it safer and generally cheaper. After all, surgery or going under the knife can be a disturbing thought weight loss or not.

Surgery takes some amount of patient preparation and recovery times can take weeks for proper wound healing. With non-surgical liposuction, patients could simply schedule treatment and have it over in under an hour. There are also no long recovery periods enabling them to return to their normal daily activities immediately.

In terms of costs per treatment, non-surgical liposuction also comes cheaper. However, some patients may require multiple treatments.

So are Non-surgical liposuction treatments really effective?

Non-surgical liposuction treatments are equally as effective as its liposuction surgery counterparts. The main difference however, is the amount of fats it can remove with a single treatment. Nothing beats liposuction in terms of visible results produced immediately after treatment. Non-surgical liposuction on the other hand might take weeks or even months before the results are visibly observed.



Dispelling Some Myths on Non-surgical Liposuction

Some of us might think that liposuction and non-surgical liposuction are like magic bullets that can cure our fat problems away. But this is far from the truth as weight gain remains a constant possibility after treatment.

Fat Loss is Permanent

Fat cells removed during non-surgical liposuction is permanent but weight loss is still possible. This is because fat cells located in other areas in the body not treated could gain fat volume. The best way to keep your weight and shape after non-surgical liposuction is to practice an active lifestyle and eat a healthy diet.

Non-surgical liposuction is a quick way to remove fats

Liposuction remains to be the quickest way to lose fats. One single treatment is able to remove huge amounts of cellulite deposits. Non-surgical liposuction on the other hand is only able to chip small amounts of fat deposits with every single treatment.

Body contouring can produce a slimmer body instantly

On average, non-surgical liposuction visible results can be observed after a few weeks to the first month. This is because fat cells destroyed during the procedure take time before permanently removed from the body. Immediate results after non-surgical liposuction includes uneven body contours. Multiple treatments are recommended especially for those who have considerable amounts of fat deposits.

Non-surgical liposuction is safe and does not have any side effects

Non-surgical liposuction is a gentler and safer alternative to traditional liposuction. It does not have the same medical risks associated with liposuction but it too has its own share of side effects. The good this is that these side effects are mostly skin deep. Possible side effects of non-surgical liposuction includes swelling and reddening in the immediate area of treatment. This is the result of the skin’s interaction with the instruments used during the procedure. However, these are temporary and goes away within a few days.

Non-surgical liposuction is cheaper

This is generally true. With liposuction surgery running into the thousands of dollars with every treatment the cost of non-surgical liposuction may seem cheap. Non-surgical liposuction treatments usually cost for under a thousand dollars per visit. The problem is when multiple treatments are required to produce desired results. Depending on the number, non-surgical liposuction treatments might actually cost the as its liposuction surgery counterparts.

Non-surgical liposuction can be performed on anybody

Being a non-invasive procedure does not automatically ensure that non-surgical liposuction is for everybody. People with skin conditions for example that are sensitive to extreme temperatures are discouraged from some of the non-surgical liposuction treatments being used. This is because laser or cryo-based liposuction expose the skin to extreme temperatures. If you are suffering from medical condition, it is recommended that you consult your doctor.

Non-surgical liposuction only helps you lose fat deposits

Non-surgical liposuction is not only a good way to lose fat deposits but also brings other health and beauty benefits. Laser-based non-surgical liposuction for example helps rejuvenate the skin. It encourages the growth of new skin and reduces wrinkles and stretch marks.

SmoothShape Slimming

Everybody wants a slimmer and healthy figure. Hence, there is no shortage of fat loss treatments that promises to give people that body they always wanted. Liposuction has traditionally been the go-to-treatment when it comes to fat removal. But advancements in medical science has made it possible for people to get rid of their unwanted body fats without the need for surgery.

Non-surgical liposuction offer a gentler alternative to liposuction. It does not require incisions and helps eliminate some of the side effects associated with liposuction. There is no need for general anesthesia and incisions.

SmoothShapes is just one of these non-surgical liposuction techniques being employed today. It was developed by Cynosure as an alternative to liposuction surgery. It is a cellulite reduction treatment that uses a mixture of laser energy and massage.

How is SmoothShape performed?

Fat cells located at the subcutaneous layers of the skin is the one responsible for cellulite formation. This fat cells is primarily the target of SmoothShape treatments. The integrity of the fat cells is disrupted with the use of lasers. An instrument is used to project laser energy into the area. Laser energy penetrates deep into the skin and destroys it in the process.

Fats are eliminated naturally from the body. Liquefied fat cells enter the blood stream and is eliminated through the body’s lymphatic system. To enhance the fat elimination process, mechanical massage rollers are also used. It promotes faster elimination of liquefied fats into the lymphatic system while giving you tighter and former skin.

Will it take much of my time?

The length of the session will depend on the area to be treated. Most often, a regular session lasts between 15-45 minutes. This might require 8-10 visits within a 2-3 month time frame.

Where can SmoothShape be used?

SmoothShape can target almost any area with stubborn fat deposits. This include your arms, abdomen, waist, hips, buttocks, thighs, calves and knees.

Is it expensive?

Since areas for treatment may differ from one person to another, some may require longer session compared to others. There are not specific costs for this non-invasive liposuction procedure. The average cost however, for regular fat and areas can range from $1,500 to $2,000. Though this can still change depending on your needed treatments.

What benefits can I get from this procedure?

Aside from the fact that it is not invasive, there are other benefits that you can take from this particular fat reduction treatment. The benefits that SmoothShape provides are:

  • Painless fat reduction procedure
  • Lessened “orange peel” appearance unlike with other techniques
  • Skin becomes smooth and rejuvenated
  • Triggers collagen production which leads to more tightened skin and increased elasticity
  • Greatly improves metabolic process and blood circulation in the body which makes results to last longer
  • Calm and relaxed procedure
  • Can be for both men and women whose fat and cellulite could not be remove even through diet and exercise
  • You can return to your regular activities as soon as you are done with the procedure with zero downtime

Are there any side effects that I should be cautious about?

SmoothShape is safe and approved by the Food and Drug Administration. However, side effects such as redness, bruising, swelling and bumps after the treatment may be experienced. These side effects are all considered normal and will fade afterwards.

Body Contouring with Non-invasive Ultrasonic Treatments

Ultrasonic body contouring procedures provide a painless and non-invasive alternative to traditional liposuction. This does away with scary scalpels, anesthesia and incisions. It is an entirely painless procedure and clients could go home immediately after treatment without the need for lengthy recovery periods.

What Makes Ultrasonic Different from Liposuction Surgery?

  • This procedure leaves the skin untouched. It doesn’t create permanent scarring. There is no long term skin damage which requires additional attention.
  • Because no incisions are made, there is absolutely no muscle tissue or nerve damage. There is also no danger of permanent disability resulting to nerve damage.
  • It eliminates the danger of bleeding because no incisions are made. One of the major complications of any surgical procedure is hemorrhage.
  • Destroyed fat cells are eliminated from the body naturally. Once the fat cells are dislodged from its location, it then enters the body’s bloodstream. It is then eliminated naturally from the body without requiring medical equipment such as vacuums to physically remove it.
  • There is no downtime or recovery time. Instead of taking weeks off your job recovering from surgery, Ultrasonic body contouring requires no downtime.
  • Treatments only take an hour or even less. The procedure could be done in less than an hour and without any lengthy recovery time, clients can go about their normal routine or even return to their job shortly after.

Effectiveness of Ultrasonic Body Sculpting

This procedure is highly effective in removing the last remnants of stubborn fat deposits. It is not designed to eliminate large volumes of fat deposits but rather help people achieve a more contoured body shape. The number of treatments required to achieve results depend on the amount of fats and the client’s expectations. This is why people undergoing ultrasonic body sculpting usually undergo multiple treatments.

In terms of its effectiveness, ultrasonic body sculpting is effective in removing a few centimeters of fat with every treatment. It is also highly effective in producing more targeted results compared to simple fat removal.

Safety of Treatment

While liposuction requires a thorough physical checkup because of the nature of treatment, almost anybody can enjoy the benefits of ultrasonic body sculpting. The procedure does not require the use of medications or anesthesia which eliminates the possibility of contraindications to existing medicines. Clients could also opt for multiple treatments without fear of any complications.

Exceptions to this are diabetics or those with cardiovascular conditions. People with pacemakers or breastfeeding mothers are also discouraged from undergoing ultrasonic body sculpting.

Where can Ultrasonic Body Sculpting be used?

Ultrasonic body sculpting can be used in areas similarly targeted by liposuction. Fat problem areas such as the thighs, arms, abdomen, waist and neck. It can also be used on the face as a facial rejuvenation procedure.

Why Ultrasonic Body Sculpting?

Ultrasonic body sculpting present many advantages over liposuction surgery. It is a gentler, safer and painless alternative to traditional liposuction. Although it still pales in comparison in terms of the amount of fat deposits it could remove in a single treatment, fat removal is more targeted giving better aesthetic results.

Non-surgical Removal of Body Fats

Non-surgical fat removal treatments present an alternative to traditional liposuction. This type of treatment promises to eliminate stubborn fat deposits without the need for surgery. Examples of non-surgical body fat procedures include Cryolipolysis and ultrasound technology. Both have become so popular because it could be done in under an hour and does not require lengthy recovery periods.

Should you consider non-surgical fat removal?

When stubborn fat deposits are nearly impossible to remove with diet and exercise

When you require a more targeted approach to fat removal similar to body contouring

People who would like to enjoy the benefits of fat removal procedures without surgery

What to look for in a surgeon

The success or failure of any treatment depends on the competency of the surgeon. Things to check in a surgeon includes his education, professional certification and training. You should also take a look into the amount of the surgeon’s experience in non-surgical fat removal treatments.

You could start your search by looking at the members of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic surgery. Here, you check the list of accredited and experienced aesthetic surgeons.

Consulting your surgeon

After finding a suitable surgeon for your non-surgical fat removal treatment, an initial appointment is done. During the visit or initial consultation, the surgeon will discuss your expectations and goals. This is to let you know the expected results after treatment. This is to avoid frustration on the patient’s part and to establish a common ground between you and the surgeon.

The surgeon does not only discuss the positive changes of treatment but also possible side effects if any. The procedure will also be explained in detail and any preparations required. The surgeon will also establish your medical history to determine if you are in good physical health. Things asked by you surgeons include:

Current and previous medications

Medical condition and illness, both past and present

Past surgeries if any

Preparing for non-surgical fat removal treatment

Patient education includes pre-treatment instructions that includes what is required of you physically. This includes:

Stop taking aspirin as this may increase the risk for bleeding

Drinking lots of water before and after surgery for proper hydration

Cessation of smoking to promote optimum healing

After treatment

Non-surgical fat removal can be performed in under an hour and considered an outpatient procedure. More complex procedures or those that require special attention can take more than a few hours. Patients are discharged after being cleared by the surgeon. However, it is best that you are accompanied by someone or take a cab when leaving the clinic. Medications for pain can be prescribed after the procedure

Recovering from non-surgical fat removal procedures

Because of its gentler nature, recovery periods for non-surgical fat removal treatments require less time. Patients are able to return to their normal daily activities immediately or after a few days depending on the complexity of treatment performed. There are no major side effects and present less complications compared to liposuction surgery.



Popular Non-surgical Liposuction Treatments

There are several streams of thought when it comes to losing weight. While eating a healthy diet and living an active lifestyle may work for most, some may find it frustrating for others. Hence, the development of liposuction and its non-surgical alternatives.

Today’s cosmetic surgery procedures mainly deal with removing stubborn fat deposits. This can be traced to a recent pregnancy or the result of aging. Common fat trouble areas include the stomach, thighs, arms, back and flanks to name a few.

Liposuction has always been a popular choice for getting rid of large chunks of fat deposits. This is because it remains to be the most effective in permanently removing fat deposits. Plus, it can produce the most dramatic visible results even after one treatment.

Liposuction is not perfect. It too has its share of downsides one of which is related to the risks and dangers of surgery. There is also the costs and the amount of downtime required for recovery. This in turn has led to the development of non-surgical liposuction alternatives which are gentler on the body.

A Brief Look into Liposuction

Liposuction is a fat elimination procedure that utilizes surgery. It first became popular during the 1980s helping people get rid of stubborn fat deposits. Liposuction is performed by a certified cosmetic surgeon. The procedure involves creating an incision where a small hollow tube or cannula mechanically removes fat in the target area. Fat is removed by suctioning producing a visibly sculpted and thinner you.

Liposuction is quite effective in eliminating huge amounts of fat in the abdomen, back, legs and arm areas. It remains to be a popular choice today because of the amount of fats it can remove in a single treatment. But it too has its limitations. A surgeon may recommend patients to be within a certain percentage above their normal weight limits before treatment can begin.

Non-surgical Liposuction Techniques

These procedures propose a gentler alternative to traditional liposuction. It aims to do away with surgical incisions and the use of anesthesia during fat removal. Generally, these are considered body contouring treatments because it is limited to the amounts of fat it can remove with a single treatment and its more targeted approach. Below are some of the more popular non-surgical liposuction techniques.


CoolSculpting is ideal for people who wish to remove the last remnants of fat or those who are near their ideal weight limit. This can be used in the hip, thigh, abdomen and other areas like the neck which have proven to be too risky for traditional liposuction. It uses an instrument that induces Cryolipolysis to fat deposits eliminating them in the process.

This does not require a surgical incision. Fat cells are exposed to extreme cold temperatures killing them in the process. This is done without affecting the surrounding cells or tissues. Visible results can be observed after three months.

RF Treatments

This is another non-surgical liposuction techniques that uses radiofrequencies to disrupt or destroy fat cells. RF treatments are performed in less than an hour. This is why it is has become a convenient procedure for losing weight. It does not require extensive recovery periods. However, multiple treatments may be required to achieve desired results.

These non-surgical liposuction procedures are not designed for massive weight loss. Rather, these are more like body contouring treatments that can be used to remove the last remnants of fat deposits. It can be used in conjunction with a healthy diet and an active lifestyle to help you get the most of your healthy lifestyle.