SmartLipo Body Contouring

SmartLipo is body contouring procedure that utilizes laser energy. The treatment has been approved by FDA for removing fat deposits. It is a minimally invasive procure that suction fat out of the body using a small tube. Local anesthesia is administered, desensitizing the area of treatment. The first step is to melt and liquefy fat using laser energy. SmartLipo has been found to be especially effective in removing fat deposits in the legs, love handles, abdomen, knees, arms, and neck.

How Does It Work

SmartLipo is primarily used for body contouring. It combines laser energy with minimal liposuction to sculpt the body. Benefits of treatment also includes skin tightening through thermal heating and tissue coagulation. Collagen production is also enhanced. A single laser fiber is administered to the target area using a thin cannula to melt stubborn fat deposits.

SmartLipo liquefies fat cells which is gentler and less aggressive compared to liposuction surgery. This also results to easier extraction of fat cells producing less bruising and swelling. Because it is minimally invasive, patients can expect quicker recovery periods.

SmartLipo produces tighter skin and permanently destroys fat cells. It is basically a three step process that is minimally invasive. This does not require any stitches which is ideal for body areas that are commonly exposed such as the arms or legs.


SmartLipo procedure typically takes between one to three hours depending on the number of areas to be treated. It is performed as a simple outpatient treatment using a paperclip-thin probe that is approximately 1 to 2mm in diameter containing laser fiber. The process begins with marking the area of treatment and creating a small incision.

The laser energy generates controlled heat to liquefy the unwanted fat tissue without harming the surrounding healthy tissues. Probes used is moved back and forth delivering the laser’s energy to fat cells and causing it to rupture and liquefy. Disintegrated and liquefied cells are drained or absorbed through the body’s lymphatic system where it is flushed naturally from the body.

Since the procedure is minimally invasive, local anesthesia can be used. This allows patients to be awake during the entire procedure.  Normal activities can be resumed after a few days and slight bruising may occur in treatment areas. Results are seen immediately like the reduction of the fat and a toned appearance is noticeable after a few weeks. A more pronounced slimmer and firmer body becomes visible over the course of the next six months.


Improves overall body shape

  • Results in skin tightening
  • Shorter recovery time than traditional liposuction
  • Permanently destroys fat cells
  • Involves the process of coagulation that reduces bruising

How Does Non-surgical Liposuction Work?

Non-surgical liposuction refers to a series of treatments that does not involve incisions or invasive procedures. Rather than going in the areas of fat concentration and removing these physically, non-surgical liposuction use techniques that destroy fat cells without even having direct contact with these.

Why Non-surgical Liposuction

Non-surgical liposuction may not have the same dramatic results as liposuction surgery. It may take weeks or even months before any visible changes are seen. Multiple treatments are also required depending on the amount of fats a patient is willing to remove.

If there is one advantage that non-surgical liposuction has over liposuction it is the relative safeness it brings. It does away with the large use of anesthesia and the dangerous complications seen in liposuction surgery.

Recovery periods are faster. With liposuction and surgery in general, patients are required to stay for a few days in the hospital for proper recovery. This is to ensure that there are no complications after surgery. Patients are also advised to refrain from any strenuous movements. This translates to additional days after from your work or office.

Another big advantage of non-invasive liposuction over its counterparts is that it can be used on almost any part of the body. The face, neck and other highly sensitive areas can be targeted without serious complications.

Laser Energy

Laser energy based non-surgical liposuction can be used on the abdomen, thighs and other major fat concentrations. The procedure is done by placing pads equipped with laser diodes directly over the skin or target area. Laser energy is then passed through the skin deep into the fatty layers. This energy penetrates into the fat cell’s membrane disrupting the cell walls integrity.

With the destruction of the fat cell’s membrane, all of the cells contents are released causing the cell to shrink. These contents are then released into the body and eliminated naturally.

Radio Frequency

Radio Frequency procedures for non-surgical liposuction is based on the heat generated by vibrations. This radio frequencies are targeted deep into the fat layers causing the various molecules and cells to interact with each structure. The friction generates heat which in turn destroys the fat cells.

Aside from removing stubborn fat deposits, radio frequency also promotes skin health. It stimulates the production of collagen. This results to tighter skin and the production of new skin. Overall, it does not only help you lose weight but also rejuvenates the skin.


Cryolipolysis or “fat freezing” is a fat removal or body contouring procedure that uses “cryo” technology to destroy fat cells. It exposes the fat tissues to temperatures below zero degrees to destroy or disrupt the cells integrity. The fat cells and its contents are eliminated naturally from the body.

These are just some of the modern non-surgical liposuction procedures being employed today. A number of treatments are also available which provide a gentler alternative to liposuction surgery. However, this still require the use of injections or small incisions. Whatever, the choice it is important that you consult your doctor. This is to develop a weight loss strategy that it is not only effective but also safe.