TriLipo Maximus

Having a healthy and well contoured body helps improve confidence and helps people generally feel better about themselves. This need has resulted to the development of different weight loss treatments. From gym equipment to surgery, there is no shortage of these type of treatments. But some just have no time for exercise while some are too afraid of needles, does this mean that they have no option left?

TriLipo Maximus might just be the answer to that.

TriLipo Maximus is manufactured by Pollogen and is a device that makes use of tri-pollar radiofrequency to target out fats. Be assured that it is generally safe as it is already approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as one of the technologies use in fat reduction and skin resurfacing.

How does it work for fat reduction?

Maximus, as it is commonly called, works by targeting fat cells with the use of radiofrequency that penetrates the epidermis and dermis layers of your skin. It heats your skin to around 40-42 degrees Celsius which enables fat cells and water interaction. The heat can cause thermal damage to nearby fat and connective tissues which releases liquid fats into your body circulation.

It also helps in treating cellulites as one of its secondary effect. With the heat generation brought about by radiofrequency, the connective tissues septae which holds the cellulite are also released, thus cellulite appearance is reduced too.

With its dynamic muscle activation (DMA) technology, it helps in muscle contraction which releases fat into your lymphatic system. This action releases fat from the body at the same time helps in contouring the treated area for a more toned look.

The heat also produces more collagen by activating the fibroblasts in the dermis. This collagen production will help tighten and smoothen your skin for a younger appearance. It has been said that the effects of Maximus on skin tightening will continue even after your treatments are over.

How does it work for skin resurfacing?

Maximus is not only good for fat reduction but also have its benefits when it comes to skin resurfacing. It can help in the treatment of acne scars, stretch marks and pigmentation. With its skin resurfacing technology, you can be sure of a more even skin tone. To achieve this effect on your skin, the professional will channel radiofrequency energy to your skin with the help of tiny electrodes.

What are the areas that it can treat?

There are different specific areas wherein you can use Maximus for treatment. These areas are as follows:

  • Face: it helps tighten and reduce fat from your jawline and neck, thereby, you will have a more contoured face. It also helps in tightening the skin under your eyes and facial wrinkles which will help you achieve a younger looking face and make it one of the treatments with anti-ageing results.
  • Arms: who hates those batwings? We sure do, and Maximus is one of the best treatments that can say goodbye to it.
  • Abdomen: it helps eliminate fat on your stomach, love handles and back.
  • Lower body: this is a good way to help keep your buttocks firm and tight. It also helps lessen cellulite appearance and fats on your thighs.
  • Ankles and knees: Maximus is one of the very few treatments that can help treat areas such as ankles and knees.