Body FX – Body Contouring Treatment

What is Body FX?

Body FX is a relatively new device that is currently being used in a non-invasive treatments to help get rid or reduce problematic fat and cellulite deposits. It is a popular technique used for body contouring. This procedure is a being used as an alternative to liposuction utilizing focused radio-frequency energy to reduce and eliminate fat cells while smoothing the skin, improve skin tone and stimulating the production of collagen.

Body FX technique for body contouring and shaping uses a hand-held device that combines deep tissue heating, suction, and radio frequency energy to eliminate the fat and cellulite deposits. A thermal monitor is attached to the Body FX device for regulating temperature needed to improve results. The process reduces and eliminates fat cells and gives skin a more youthful glow and firmer appearance. It is used in areas where fat commonly settles such as the abdomen, buttocks, upper back near the bra line, inner knees, upper arms, thighs, back of the flanks, and the hips.

What are the benefits of Body FX?

  • Patients experience little to no discomfort during the procedure
  • Loss of elasticity in the abdomen, hips, thighs, and love handles
  • The procedure is a non-invasive procedure which is the best alternative to liposuction
  • Provides a smoother and tighter appearance to the skin
  • The patient can return to his or her daily activity right after the procedure
  • The appearance of cellulite is improved
  • Loss of inches in the treated area
  • Reduced dimpled skin
  • Reduces circumferential dimensions

How many treatment is required in Body FX?

The patient is instructed to lie down. After which the technician uses a hand-held device to glide over the patient’s treatment area for about 30 minutes or so. A mild suctioning and hot sensation is felt on the skin during the procedure. To achieve best results, weekly session with 6 to 12 treatments is recommended.

How safe is the treatment?

Body FX is a non-invasive procedure making it safer compared to liposuction surgery. By using Body FX, patients are able to return to their normal daily routine after the procedure. To minimize discomfort, body temperature is constantly monitored. Patients are advised that a warm skin sensation and a gentle pulling sensation could be felt during treatment. The skin may also appear to be slightly reddish or irritated but expect this to disappear within a few days.

How quickly will I see the result?

Results vary depending on skin condition and individual patients in general. However, visible physical results such as tighter skin can be noticed after a single treatment. For best results however, it might take months of treatment.

What to expect with Body FX?

Body FX treatment combines suction, deep tissue heating, and radio frequency energy to eliminate fat deposits and smoothen the skin. Radio frequency energy distributes the heat into the target areas causing the destruction of fat cells. Deep tissue heating stimulates collagen production thus tightening the skin. All in all, patients can expect fat loss while enjoying young, firm skin.

A Shapelier figure with Ultrashape

Ultrashapeis a non-invasive technique which uses ultrasound technology to eliminate fat cells and deliver noticeable decrease in fat deposits. It is currently being used as a body contouring procedure and as an alternative to liposuction surgery.

How does Ultrashape work?

Ultrashape works by releasing mild ultrasound energy that is targeted towards fatty tissues breaking it down and eventually turning it into liquid. The equipment has a real-time tracking system that makes it possible to accurately apply a varying amounts of pressure to the treatment area.

With this method, fat is not only eliminated but also prevents damage to surrounding skin and tissues. This procedure doesn’t need anesthesia.

However it is limited to a small area for every treatment. Patients are required to have multiple visits to the clinic in order to achieve the desired result. Each session will last from 30 minutes to one hour.


This procedure can safely target fat and remove it without harming surrounding tissues. It is also non-surgical, hence, it does not require the use of anesthesia and assures that there are no after-operational marks. After the operation, there is no irregularities in body contouring and the recovery period is very quick. The patient can return to his/her daily activities right after the procedure.

Areas to be treated

Using present day equipment and ultrasound technology, Ultrashape can precisely target fat problem areas which includes:

  • Male breasts
  • Arms
  • Knees
  • Flanks
  • Buttocks
  • Jowls
  • Thighs
  • Stomach and
  • Hips

Side effects

During the operation, the patient may feel some pain or discomfort. Side effects such as bruising and irritation are also reported but eventually disappear in a few days. The entire procedure affects only a small portion of the body and it means that the recovery time is very short and there is no need for the patient to take days of rest. The patient is also allowed to perform his/her activities immediately after the operation.


As a mini treatment, Ultrashape is considered to be affordable. It is relatively cheap compared to liposuction surgery.


Lunchtime Liposuction – Quick and Easy Weight Loss

You don’t often see “lunch” and “liposuction” mentioned right after the other. But in general, lunchtime liposuction is a term to describe fat loss treatments that can be done in under an hour.  It’s a catchy phrase that lets people thinking about a quick way to get rid of fat undergo treatment and get to their normal daily routines without missing a beat.

So what are the different types of Lunchtime Liposuction?

A lunchtime liposuction is not a particular weight loss program. Rather it is a term to describe liposuction treatments that can be done in under an hour. Procedures usually involve liposuction alternatives that does not require surgery. This is because traditional liposuction is a surgical procedure that requires the use of anesthesia and invasive procedures that allowing the patient to simply go home or return to work after treatment is impossible.

Cryo Liposuction – a fat loss method that uses cryo or extreme cold temperatures to destroy fat cells.

Ultrasonic Liposuction – a procedure where ultrasonic waves or radio frequencies are used to dislodge or destroy fat cells.

Body Wraps – this technique could be traced to the ancient Egyptians. It was originally used a skin rejuvenating treatment but today has also found itself to be a weight loss method. It could be used for a variety of purposes depending on the ointments used.

Tumescent Laser liposuction – another popular liposuction alternative that uses lasers to melt down fats. Aside from melting fat deposits, it can also be used to tighten the skin for better results.

Mesotheraphy – this technique uses a mixture of different solutions to help dissolve fats. The procedure does not require general anesthesia. The solutions are introduced into the target area and dissolves stubborn fat deposits.

Where can Lunchtime Liposuction be used?

Lunchtime liposuction procedures can be used almost anywhere. It can be used to remove fat deposits in the thighs, legs, neck, arms, abdomen, buttocks and many more. Because it is a gentler alternative and does not share the same risks as liposuction surgery, patients could undergo lunchtime liposuction any time they wish.

Is Lunchtime Liposuction effective?

These fat removal procedures are different in terms of how much fat deposits it is able to eliminate. The common factor among these however, is that multiple treatments maybe required to produce a client’s desired results.

In general, lunchtime liposuction procedures are effective in removing fat deposits. It may pale in comparison to the total volume of fat removed with a single liposuction treatment, but it is nonetheless effective. This is why clients are advised to talk with their cosmetic surgeons before treatment. This is to avoid disappointment and to establish clear goals after treatment.

Why Lunchtime Liposuction?

Lunchtime liposuction promises people a quick and effective way of losing stubborn fat deposits. It does not require any downtime so people could return to their normal daily activities almost instantly. It does present the possibility of letting working people get treatment during their lunch break and return to work shortly afterwards.

Its main selling point is convenience. There are no long term preparations and no side effects. Which in whole make lunchtime liposuction a great alternative to traditional liposuction.




Pros and Cons of Mesotherapy

Getting the perfect body we want can be time consuming, not to mention a little bit costly. Though diet and exercise remains to be the best and healthiest ways to achieve those coveted curves, this can take time and sometime be frustrating. This is probable the reason why liposuction and non-surgical liposuction treatments are increasing in popularity.

With the booming industry of cosmetic surgeries, the search for the perfect figure has become easier. If you are one of the brave souls who are willing to go under the knife to enhance you looks then liposuction is right up your alley. It is an effective procedure that uses surgery to remove large amounts of fat deposits.

Liposuction for a fact can be very expensive. However, the possibility of removing large amounts of fat deposits quickly can be very attractive. It still has its drawbacks. This can result to unwanted complications and side effects such as limited mobility, allergic reactions, fluid imbalance, lidocaine toxicity, and even burns.

This has left many people thinking twice about liposuction. Hence, the search for non-surgical liposuction alternatives. Weight loss treatments that can provide them with the same quality without the risks and complications. And one of these alternatives to liposuction is the mesotherapy.

A Quick Look into Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is widely considered as one of the more popular alternatives to liposuction. This treatment can be used to help remove stubborn cellulite deposits and help improve overall weight. It can also be used for body contouring as well as in face and neck rejuvenation.

This weight loss procedure was developed way back in 1952 by a certain French doctor, Dr. Michel Pistor. This treatment was originally used to treat vascular and infectious diseases, improve circulation and help in sports injury recovery. Mesotherapy works by administering FDA approved medications (aminophylline and Novocain) along with several vitamins and plant extracts.

Advantages of Mesotherapy over Liposuction Surgery include:

  • The procedure does not require you to undergo general anesthesia.
  • Mesotherapy improves blood flow and circulation on the area of treatment.
  • It is basically an out-patient procedure, so you can go after the procedure is done.
  • The treatment helps relieve muscle spasms.
  • With proper diet and lifestyle regime, it will give you long lasting results.
  • Aside from fat reducing abilities, it also helps you reduce wrinkles and cellulites.
  • It is best if you want to have a well-sculpted body.

Though Mesotherapy does have a considerable share of advantages, there are also quite a number of disadvantages that comes with treatment.

During and after the procedure, you can feel a burning sensation.

  • Visible bruising on the part of the treatment area.
  • Redness and swelling occurs.
  • Permanent swelling or lump may occur.
  • Allergic reactions to the medications injected may occur.
  • There is the presence of inflammation on the skin and tissues.
  • The risk of infection is also possible.