Body Contouring with Bella Contour

Bella Contour is a non-invasive weight loss procedure that is an alternative to liposuction. It is a fairly new method that targets the skin’s fat cells with the use of ultrasound.  This is done to help in body contouring and reduce the noticeable signs of cellulite deposits. The procedure is approved by the FDA. It promises to minimize the amount of time required to reduce visible cellulite. Other benefits of Bella Contour includes increased muscular blood flow and minimized cellulite deposits.
How does Bella Contour Work?

Bella Contour procedure combines resonant ultrasound, vacuum massage, and interferential therapy to lessen excess fats without surgery. The Real Aesthetics Company, developer of the procedure gave it the acronym REAL which stands for Resonant Amplification of Lipid Metabolism.

Bella Contour is used on specifically targeted body areas that generate vibration. Fat cells are triggered and are encouraged to release fatty acids. Once attained, the lipids are forced to exit the patient’s body through natural metabolic process transformed into energy.

The entire operation is safe and pleasant for the most number of individuals who prefer to undergo it. There is no recovery time needed and the patient is free to return to his/her activities immediately after the operation. The company claims that a visible result can be seen after an initial session but a total of 8 to 10 treatments are required for the outcome to be satisfactory.


  • It demands no recovery time.
  • It stimulates fat consumption resulting as carbohydrates for energy.
  • It provides a smaller circumference measurement, after 10 treatments, 1.5 inches of waist circumference is decreased.
  • It prioritizes a specific body area with great precision.
  • It is a painless, non-invasive procedure.
  • It renders a tight and silky touch, away from an irritating orange-peel texture.

Side effects

Bella Contour is a safe method for slimming and shaping one’s body. Unluckily, it is totally difficult to find a satisfactory amount of reviews which could add to a more solid credit ranking about its safeness. On a brighter side, a limited number of people who actually tested the method report no major side effects which are expected from the low-frequency ultrasound utilized by the machine.

Still, minimal adverse reactions like mild redness, slight bruising, swelling, and a tender tingling sensation should be expected after a treatment session of Bella Contour. However, it is very important for the possible customer to request a certified medical professional to perform the operation.

Possible Areas for Treatment

Upper arms
Love handles
Hips and
Abdominal area

Bella Contour is not considered as expensive or a giveaway as well. There is no available estimation on but if you do an extensive research on search engines, it will reveal an average price of $300-350 per session. The total expenditure is determined by the extent of the initial problem, the required total number of sessions, the fees of the professional that will perform the procedure, and the location of the medical center.