Non- surgical Tummy Tuck

For those searching for a flatter and more toned tummy, several alternatives to surgical Abdominoplasty are available. These treatments are an effective way of reducing stubborn cellulite deposits without the need for invasive surgical procedures.

One downside to having these tummy tuck alternatives is that it is unable to produce the same dramatic results seen in tummy tuck procedures. Multiple treatments are often required before it is able to produce desired results.

Laser Tummy Tuck

Laser tummy tucks refers to a range of non-surgical tummy tuck treatments that generally use laser technology. This procedure employs the use of laser or targeted heat technology to disrupt fat cells. Lasers penetrate deep into the skin to destroy fat cells. These are then eliminated from the body naturally without the need for suctioning or other types of physical intervention.

There are mainly two types of laser tummy tucks. The first type uses ablative lasers. During this procedure, a portion of the skin’s surface is removed to produce smoother skin. It is ideal especially for mothers who recently gave birth helping eliminate stretch marks in the process.

The second type of laser tummy tucks is those that use non-ablative lasers. With this treatment, lasers penetrate deep into the skin without effecting the surrounding skin surfaces. Aside from reducing the amount of fat cells in the area, laser tummy tucks are also used to tighten the skin. This does not only give the appearance of a slimmer tummy but also smoother and tighter skin around the area.

Vaser Tummy Tuck

A Vaser tummy tuck is another non-invasive tummy tuck treatment that employs the use of targeted ultrasound waves to destroy fat cells beneath the skin. Radio frequencies disrupt the integrity of the fat cell’s wall membranes destroying it in the process. The fat cells are then eliminated through the body’s lymphatic system.

Results are not immediate as changes can be gradually seen over a period of weeks. Multiple treatments are also required depending on the patient’s desired results. Treatments are usually done in under an hour and patients could be sent home after the procedure.


This is a popular non-surgical liposuction alternative that has also found a use as a non-surgical tummy tuck. Like Vaser Tummy tuck treatments, it uses radio frequencies to disrupt fat cells deep within the skin. It is a safe tummy tuck alternative that is performed without the use of anesthesia. It is also a gentler alternative to conventional tummy tuck surgery and avoids the risks associated with this procedure.

Cool Sculpting

This tummy tuck alternative is based on the use of cryo technology. Instead of using lasers, heat or radio frequencies, fat cells are subjected to cool temperatures. It is a controlled cooling technique that destroys fat cells beneath the skin. Like other types of non-surgical tummy tucks, no physical intervention is required to remove fat cells.

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