Is Lunchtime Liposuction Effective or Just Hype

Liposuction surgery for some seem to be a radical solution for weight loss. After all, going under the knife is not something a person look forward to, weight loss or not. This is probably why so many weight loss treatments have been developed over the years as an alternative to this popular weight loss procedure.

Much of the new treatments currently being marketed is being labeled as “Lunchtime Lipo.” This is not because it can only be performed during lunch but the short time it takes to perform the procedure. Ideally, one could walk in a clinic during their lunch break and get back in time to the office for their afternoon shift.

What makes Lunchtime Lipo Different?

Lunchtime Lipo simply means weight loss treatments that can be done in under an hour or less. It refers to non-invasive weight loss procedures that utilize a variety of technologies. This includes the use of laser energy, freezing, radio frequencies and more. It is performed in a much shorter period because it does not require surgery or lengthy recovery periods.

Another factor that sets Lunchtime Lipo apart is it is generally safer compared to liposuction surgery. Liposuction is a surgical procedure that requires the use of anesthesia and incisions. Complications and risks include hemorrhage, infection and nerve damage to name a few. Lunchtime Lipo on the other hand is non-invasive. Reducing and even eliminating the risks and complications associated with liposuction.

Lunchtime Liposuction with Ultrasound wave technology

Non-surgical liposuction treatments that use ultrasound wave technology does not require surgical incisions and anesthesia. It uses ultrasound waves to disrupt and super heat fat cells. A device that creates ultrasound waves is placed over the treatment area targeting fact cells in the process.

Weight loss treatments using ultrasound technology is not ideal for removing large volumes of fat. This is ideal for patients who are near their target weight or using it as a body contouring procedure. This procedure can be done in under an hour. And after treatment, patient could go about their normal daily routine without the need for long periods of recovery.

Multiple treatments are required to achieve maximum results. Treatments could be spread over a period of weeks or months depending on the patients expected results. Fat removed is also permanent. It permanently destroys fat cells in the process. However, it does not stop future weight gain.

Possible side effects

Most side effects are those associated with the skin. Reddening, blisters or mild superficial pain is felt after the procedure. However, this can be managed by simple pain medications and skin care. There are no long term side effects and dangerous medical complication which makes non-surgical liposuction treatments or lunchtime liposuction a safer alternative to liposuction surgery.

Is Lunchtime Liposuction Hype?

Labeling these types of non-surgical liposuction as “lunchtime lipo” is more than a marketing gimmick. In fact it accurately describes a patient walking in for treatment and going back to the office shortly after. The results certainly pale in comparison to liposuction surgery but the other benefits can compensate for this shortfall. As for results, the full benefits of weight loss with lunchtime liposuction can only be fully appreciated months after multiple sessions. Lunchtime liposuction offers a gentler and quicker alternative to liposuction. It may not be as effective in removing large volumes of fat, but offer people an attractive way of sculpting their body.


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