Endermologie for Weight Loss

Endermologie is a non-invasive and patented cellulite treatment that combines rolling, massaging, and sucking the surface of the skin to trigger the breakdown of cellulite deposits and to smoothen the appearance of the treated area. This method is an FDA approved treatment to lessen the cellulite.
How does endermologie work?

Endermologie works with the use of LPG CELLU M6, and Lipo M6 machines and the combination of Roll and Lift action to pull the skin tissues that will produce a wave to gently arouse the skin. This method decreases the thickness of the fat layer, intensifying the blood flow and the lymphatic drainage that contributes to the elimination of fat cells that will result in a firmer and sleeker skin. Endermologie method demands a multiple session and requires 14 to 28 sessions that will last from 35 to 45 minutes in order for a patient to see the noticeable results. During therapy, the patients are advised to drink two to three liters of water a day to promote the lipolysis process.

What are its benefits?

Endermologie is a method that has several accomplishments:
-It helps to increase the blood circulation that triggers the breakdown of unwanted cells and cellulite.
-This method can be applied to aim the skin layer near its surface to achieve an accurate treatment unlike other slimming solutions.
-It has a safe effect on the multiple layers of the skin.
-It encourages biological reaction and boosts the removal of stored fat.
-It is applicable to various cellulite conditions.
-It has a relaxing sensation.

Are there any disadvantages?

Endermologie also has disadvantages and these are:
-This method induces swelling on the treated area, making the cellulite to temporarily appear less obvious and will become. -noticeable again after the redness disappears according to medical professionals.
-Patients are required to undergo a monthly treatment for a long time to maintain the improved skin condition.
-A notable percentage of people who tested it personally either unsatisfactory or marginal results.

What are the areas that it can treat?

Endermologie can be applied to every body part that is affected by cellulite. The most treated areas are thighs, back area, legs, buttocks, and abdominal area.

Side effects that I need to know

Endermologie is a safe and harmless method which patients claim that it is a forceful and pleasant massage. There are no serious side effects reported aside from mild bruising and swelling. Patients who are sensitive to pain will experience a distressing sensation, created by the rollers.

How much is the cost of the treatment?

According to Realself.com, the average cost of Endermologie is $1 075 which is very affordable compared to liposuction session. Due to the shortage of noticeable results, extra series of treating sessions is needed that will increase the final cost but can still be considered as affordable.

Endermologie Reviews

According to the exceptional number of individuals, Endermologie helps them to achieve tighter skin and the visible cellulite are lesser on the treated areas. Sad to say, there are also patients who claim that there are no effective results and some say that their cellulite was exactly the same as it was before the treatment procedure. The final result will also depend on the doctor who will conduct the procedure and a non-certified practitioner will have a tendency to get things wrong.

Our Advice

Endermologie is a method to treat cellulitis that will work or not. It is a rational choice over liposuction because it can target much better the top layer of fat under the skin. The best candidate for Endermologie treatment is usually men and women who are healthy and slim between the age of 30 to 50.

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